Frequently Asked Questions


What is our mission?

We provide educational support services to the homeschool community.

Who is on our board of directors?

Jeff Hites, Vice Chairman & Teacher

Meg Norris, Secretary & Teacher

Daniel Blackman, Community Board Member

Charles Clifford Brooks III, Community Board Member

Danielle Barnes, Community Board Member

What is our mascot?

The Bears (voted on by the Students)

What is our motto?

Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom

Is this a Christian based school?

Our Christian faith compels us to offer our gifts, love and services to all who may be in need. Mountain Laurel Academy welcomes children of all faiths and backgrounds. We believe strongly in the Christian values of caring, acceptance and family and while we will not label ourselves, we will continue to live, love and give within the teachings of Christ. 

Where is the school located?

We are located at 929 Cove Road Suites C & D Jasper, GA, 30143

What is the mailing address?

Mountain Laurel Academy

PO Box 1146

Dahlonega, GA 30355

What are the business hours?

7:30am – 4pm,  Monday – Thursday

Friday hours will vary based on activities.

What are school hours?

School hours are 7:45am – 4pm Monday - Thursday

High School (grades 8-12) meets T, Th & F

Middle School (grades 5-7) meets M, W & F

Fridays are for electives, field trips, and speakers. Hours will vary

When does school start?

September 5, 2017 – We operate on a true 9 month calendar with summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 

We run 180 days with major holiday breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring. We follow the Pickens County calendar for those breaks.

What about lunch?

Students must bring their lunch and eat on campus. If lunch is forgotten, a PB&J will be supplied.

What about electives?

We have several electives offered. Higher level Spanish, screenwriting, psychology, technology, and art are all offered. Career based electives will are offered at the high school level with internship opportunities.

What curriculum is the school using?

By using only certified teachers for core classes we have the ability to develop curriculum that is individualized for each student. MLA is dedicated to a challenging college – prep curriculum and students will be encouraged to move ahead as quickly as they can master concepts and content. No Common Core is used and texts are selected based on knowledge sequence and classic education. 

There is no single boxed curriculum we rely on. Every child learns differently and at different rates.

Who pays for books?

Parents will purchase the books needed unless a class set already exists. Since the school has several sets, parents are notified before the school year of any texts needed. Many can be purchased used.  Some books are consumable and will need to be ordered annually (vocabulary, grammar).

What about accreditation?

MLA will be accredited as a Non-Traditional Educational Center (NTEC) through the Georgia Accreditation Commission (GAC). GAC is recognized by the Hope Scholarship and most post-secondary institutions. We already have much of what we need in place. Accreditation is in process.

Who tracks grades and transcripts? As an NTEC it is part of our responsibility under the GAC accreditation to track grades and maintain transcripts and records. We use Thinkwave as an online grading platform which has parent access.

What is a DOI?

A DOI is a Declaration of Intent to Homeschool. It must be filed for every student before the end of August. Parents can file online and it takes 2 minutes.

What is tuition?

Full tuition for our academic program is $6000 for the year. Other fees may apply and a-la-carte pricing is available.

When are payments due?

Payments are due the 1st of every month and late after the 5th. Payments should be mailed to:

Mountain Laurel Academy
PO Box 1146
Dahlonega, GA 30533

Late payments include a $25 late fee.

Do you offer AP classes?  

Yes, our AP courses are 2 hours each. Science courses often have an additional lab requirement and all other courses come with a writers workshop where students learn how to write for AP exams. 

Are field trips scheduled?

Yes. Field trips are scheduled for Fridays. A calendar will be provided to families. Costs are covered by a $50 monthly activity fee.

Can parents volunteer?

Yes, yes and yes! We need volunteers. We need homework helpers, after school help, and field trip chaperones. ALL volunteers must have a current background check on file with the school. These can be obtained from the Sheriffs department usually for about $8.00.  Even parents must have one on file. Drivers must meet insurance minimums and have insurance information on file with the school.

What technology is available?

We have high speed 150MBp/s Wi-Fi in the building and students can bring their own technology. We offer a computer lab with enough desktops and laptops for every student. Appropriate use is expected. Students and parents sign a technology agreement. During lectures, hand written notes will be required.


MLA currently has a Facebook page where events, information and current education research will be shared.

How is the school funded?

MLA is a non-profit, non-traditional education center. We operate entirely on tuition funds, fundraising and donations. 


One of the main goals of MLA is to be accessible to all students. A needs-based scholarship program has begun. 

High School Guidance Counseling

MLA is proud to have a comprehensive guidance program available for our high schoolers.  We offer classes for SAT, ACT and other test prep.

Is there a 5-day program for middle school?

MLA is focused on our families. A certified teacher has been brought on board to work on individual studies with our middle schoolers. There is an additional fee for this program. If there is a need for extra days we will be happy to work with each family individually. MLA has a designated study room.